The Company of Dogs was originally set up to enable people to adopt dogs in need of help rather than buy dogs or puppies from dubious beginings and possibly puppy farms. We help dogs locally, in the UK and in Europe. We believe there is a good home for almost all dogs and our job is to find that home.

We are a small team based in Jersey, Channel Islands (UK), through friends and associates based in the UK, Guernsey and Europe, who share the belief that there is no better dog than a rescue dog. We aim to achieve the best outcome for each dog we find or for each dog that finds us.

We have happily homed many dogs and we are aware that sometimes it is the rescue dog that becomes the rescuer. Each rescue dog is the sum of his or her past, with some breed characteristics thrown in. The future is in the hands of the adopter, getting both sides right is our aim.


RIP Albie (Albert)

Albie’s Story

Albert spent his adult life in a perrera, from being a near pup to an adult dog of 10 or 11 (we are not sure which), he was constantly passed by, spending his life in in one small kennel and run. He never knew a bed, a house, a garden or a toy, or winter warmth and he spent all that time with his kennel mate Harold who was also passed over year by year.. We initially released Harold and not Albert because he was too short to be seen in the early photos, when asked if we would, we took Albert as well, we thought he had the best ears ever. Pat Robson helped to sponsor him in kennels, and because we decided that he would need a home that would simply be there for him whilst he experienced finally, free life and he was not be formally adopted.

Lisa Young and her family stepped up for Albert and gave him an amazing two years of beach walks, sofa’s, soft beds and Christmases, we could not have asked for more.Yesterday Albie had a seizure that left him partially paralyzed and it was decided that he had lived his best life and to let him go out on the absolute high his life had become. We cannot thank Lisa enough for her love, Pat for her ever present help, Antoinette, Bo, and Debra in Spain and our fundraisers who oiled the transport wheels to bring him here – rescuing is never about one person it is always, always a team sport and with Albie we scored the best home ever helped as always by an outstanding group of people.