NAME: Albert Farringdon Brown

Location: Spain

Age: 1 yr ish

Sex: Male

Can be homed with cats?: Yes


Albert was caught a couple of weeks ago in a carpark near a shopping mall - he had been in the car park for a few weeks with his mother Constance and sister Florence.

We think he is less than a year old. He has lived on the streets for a period of time, he appears to have some Bodeguerro going on his fathers side. He has settled pretty quickly and seems a balanced little chap so far, it is still early days for Albert but we have not yet found an edge to him - (he is not a Jack Russell although he looks like one and is certainly a terrier, he should be a little less vocal, we will confirm that as we get to know him).

He has been cat tested and passed that test well, we are always aware that he may simply have never met a cat before and that the Spanish cats can be real ninjas around dogs - he has cleared his blood tests.

NB - when we visit we are representing the dog's best interest at all times.