NAME: Cora

Location: Jersey

DOB: 28/03/22

Sex: Female

Spayed?: No

Can be homed with other dogs?: Yes

Can be homed with kids?: Over 6 yrs

Can be homed with cats?: No she's a chaser

Her mum was rescued from a garden where there were many small dogs. She was roaming in the garden with mum, sister and brother.

She arrived into foster and soon afterwards she identified with a dysplasia that was treatable with surgery. Surgery is now complete, however she does need further physio, she is a little super star.

Personality wise Cora is a typical young pup in the adolescent stage. She is full of energy, curiosity and mischief. She absolutely loves going for walks, whilst she is more confident going for a walk with another dog, she does enjoy going for a walk on her own and is gaining confidence all the time. She would not be suited to a location where the roads are busy as she is sensitive to noisy traffic so we are looking for a home in a rural or semi-rural location.

On a sunny day, Cora absolutely loves to hang out in the garden soaking in the sun and having a bark at people and dogs passing the house, another reason that a quieter rural location would be better for her. Cora is a very sweet natured girl, when meeting new people for the first time she can be a little timid but after a few minutes she will take a gentle fuss. Since she arrived in foster her confidence has grown exponentially, and she really is blossoming.

She is a very gentle, sensitive and sweet little dog who will let you handle her, give her flea spot ons etc with absolutely no bother. At night she loves to snuggle on the sofa or go in her bed and soak up the warmth of the fire.

Cora does have separation anxiety so will need someone home most of the time. She will not be suited to a home where she would be left for the morning for example. This may need working on with help from a positive reinforcement trainer/behaviourist.Cora is leash reactive - this can be worked on, it is largely fear and excitement, but it can on the noisy side.

In foster Cora is living with a small male and small female adult dogs. Although playful in the garden, Cora does try to push the resident adult female around a little too much in the house so we feel that she would be best homed as either an only dog or with a gentle male companion.

Favorite Activities:Hanging out in the garden on a sunny day going for a walk playing with her toys, Playing with other dogs that will not overpower. Having a snuggle on the sofa / Sleeping in front of the fire

Why I am looking for a new home-She was held back for surgery but is now becoming the fun little dog she was always hoping to be.

Medical - no medical history in Spain - operation for dysplasia in Jersey. Bloods done - all ok, with the exception of a lymes for which she is now clear. Brucelosis 2022 negative.

Cora is a small dog that has been through more than a little dog should go through. She loves to mix and live with a group and likes the countryside peace. Her current foster mum works from home. Cora is blossoming her quiet little way.

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