NAME: Digby Dogberry

Location: In Spain

Age: TBC

Sex: Male

Can be homed with other dogs?:

Can be homed with cats?: Untested with Cats

Digby was spotted by a lady called Lorna about a year ago, he was an older puppy (we don’t know his actual age but he is young). Try as she might she could not get close to him. Over time she won his confidence using her own dogs to get close. Eventually she caught him and he is now at our kennels.

He is a shy and is easier around dogs than people at the moment. His collar has grown into his flesh and that is being treated but will remain as a mark.

He is settling and turning into a kind and sweet dog, however this is a process and his past will be with him for sometime because of this we want older children only (over 12) who will buy into his needs slowly so he can understand suburban life and family life.

He’s a sweet little guy that needs a caring home and a good long future. When considering a dog please consider both commitment and the training a dog will require, we will help you where we can. A puppy can be 12-15 year commitment older dogs do have a history some we know, some we don not, and you will often only meet the whole dog a few months in. Many will never have met children before, hence we are careful.But adopting is the most rewarding thing you can do! You will have the most grateful, unique being ever in your life.