NAME: Forest

Location: Spain until March

Age: 12 Months

Sex: Male & Castrated

Breed: Catalan

Can be homed with other dogs?: Yes but preferably Female

Can be homed with Children?: Over 6 years

Can be homed with cats?: Is reactive to cats

Forest was found by an English couple living in Spain and he is still with them. Unfortunately they have several house cats and Forrest as a young dog found them too much fun, so currently he lives in basement part if the house.

Forest currently lives as an only dog. He is energetic, playful and loves life. He is a herding dog so he has a big brain that needs entertaining. As a shepherd type he needs mental as well as physical exercise and a Catalan can fall into herd mode, which for the breed requires an experienced owner or one that is willing to learn. Basically they are border collie types with big hair.

He can live with other dogs but as he is currently solo we would prefer the second dog to be female.

Favourite Activities: Running around the mountains, playing with toys, being with a person, learning, learning.

Why I am looking for a new home? Hey was lost and saved by a lovely couple who can't keep me but won't home me just anywhere. T

Forrest needs a house with a garden, not a flat, lots of activity and lots of time. I was bred to walk beside a person and herd sheep and goats.

Medical tests are clear of Brucelosis.

Forest needs an active home, he hasn't met young children. But needs to be introduced to the modern world. He is a joyous bag of potential that could be brought on to star in agility or to walk the north coast many times. Please complete this form to apply for Forest