NAME: Gaiwan

Location: In Spain

Age: 13 yrs

Sex: Male

Gaiwan's story is a little sad - he was picked up by the local police and kept in their (not so fab) kennel for a few days waiting to be claimed. No one came so the next step was the perrera (pound).

However the police phoned around and asked if anyone would take him on. We said we take him, he had estimated age of 5 years old - rescuing this way its a pass the ball system and we have to make that commitment via a kennel or rescue before he will be picked up.

Once back at the kennels surprisingly a microchip was found, he is 13 years old. His family were contacted but they didn't want him back. We hoped he was just lost by accident rather than lost by abandonment.

He's just a nice very old chap now looking for a new billet.

So Gaiwan has a sponsor for his travel costs and that will bring him to Jersey without asking for any donation and we would like that final sofa for him - we will continue his veterinary care but we would like a soft dog bed/sofa and a warm room for him as he is arthritic.

He doesn't need many walks, he just wants company and some certainty.

If you think you could be that life saver for Gaiwan please let us know by DM or fill in an online form.