NAME: Valentino

Location: Spain

Age: 1 year

Sex: Male

Can be homed with other dogs?: Yes

Can be homed with cats?: Untested

Valentino is a large, gorgeous hound. He is just over a year old. He is our heart throb who loves other dogs, people, the sun,the sky and a passing paper bag blowing in the wind. The world is a wonderful place to him.

He is a true blue scent hound. He is probably part Spanish Hound and something taller and slimmer.

Most of our dogs are mashups, few are as beautiful as Valentino.

He will need some space and ideally outdoor space. Children over 8 years old because he is a knockabout goof ball.

He is not cat tested, good with dogs but not yet house-trained. It would nice if he could find somewhere active and a person who will help Valentino fulfil his scenting potential.

He is a very rare find.

If Valentino is your kind of beautiful and you have the room … apply here.