NAME: Petty Officer Opal Brinkhurst

Location: Spain

DOB: 04/02/21

Size: Medium 50cm

Sex: Female & Spayed

Can be homed with other dogs?: Yes

Can be homed with Children?: Over 8 years old

Can be homed with cats?: No

Opal's ideal home - A house with a garden

Opal was found as a street dog on the hottest day of the year, desperate for water. She is fine with other dogs but must have had to fend for herself and feed herself, so small furries are out.

Personality wise Opal is a playful, energetic girl. She is calm and solid with a cheeky, inquisitive yet humanistic look about her. We hope to learn more about Opal from the kennels.

Cohabitation wise she is okay with dogs, better with males, no cats. She can live alone as well. She does need a secure garden.

Favorite Activities: Hanging out in the garden on a sunny day, going for a walk, playing with big toys / Playing with other dogs.

Opal has been ‘ours’ for several months but we have not found a suitable home for her. She will need a roomy home with a garden and ideally an owner that knows dogs and is comfortable with them, she will need focus and some training. She not for a beginner but is a stunning dog. Medical - no medical history in Spain Bloods done - Brucelosis negative

SummaryOpal has missed the van to Jersey a few times due to lack of firm interest. We are visiting her so we can flesh out her personality more. Apply for Opal here